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Consulting services highlights

Transportation Data Analytics


Developments in data science provide transportation professionals with new abilities to see trends, patterns and assess the big picture for transportation. We can build a bridge between your performance management needs and data science possibilities. We provide expert advice on technology selection, technical solutions and organizing for success. We also know how to incorporate the Internet of Things into Smart Cities to create an Internet of Transportation

Senior Advisor services


We provide senior advisor services in planning and systems engineering for advanced technology projects including Smart City, Connected Vehicle and ITS. We can take you from concept to realization, our experience includes planning and system engineering management plan development for traffic management, freeway and integrated corridor projects.

smart city strategy development


We have an excellent reputation for helping private companies to enter or reposition in the intelligent transportation systems, smart cities and connected vehicle markets. Our services include strategic business planning, market assessments, organizational development and tactical action plan development. Our experience includes assignments for global companies, data science, information technology and sensor solution providers. We also advise cities on developing effective smart city roadmaps that begin with an appropriate departure point and end in an agreed vision, with a roadmap to define the course.

Grant Writing


We have in-depth practical experience in developing and refining grant applications for state and federal funding opportunities. We can partner with you to develop the project concept, pursue the funding and implement the project. We can write the grant application in a way that maximizes the chances of success through clear communication of complex concepts and a laser focus on grant requirements.

Why analytics?

"if you're not measuring it, you're not managing it..........
and if you're only measuring it, you're still not managing it"

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